Why Us

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Why Us

Why use La Finca Herbs Natural Skin Care Products? We use environmentally friendly packaging.  All of our products come in recyclable glass bottles and most of them have recyclable aluminium lids. 

• Hand made skin and body care products containing only pure natural ingredients.

• Made in small batches to provide fresh, safe and effective products.

• Formulated using only high quality plant oils, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals.

• Ingredients are carefully selected to protect, nourish and hydrate your skin effectively and safely.

• Free from ANY synthetic ingredients.

• GMO Free

• Paraben Free

• Do not contain mineral oils, artificial colours or fragrances

• Never tested on animals

How long would the products keep?

Our products contain only natural ingredients and plant-derived preservatives. The shelf life of most of the products is about 2 years. Each product has a “best before date” displayed. It is best to use the product within six months after opening.